Bayan Promotions is owned and managed by Joseph Bayan & Paco Arespacochaga, Joseph Bayan is a promoter / producer. He is based in the Bay Area, in San Jose, CA.  He was inspired to be a promoter / producer through his friends, Paco Arespacochaga drummer of the 90's OPM Band called "INTRoVOYS".  

Bayan Promotions was establish in January 2018, when INTRoVOYS launched their 2018 in the Bay Area, So. San Francisco, CA.

Bayan Promotions main objective is to promote / produce OPM Artists / Bands here in the US & Canada. Most especially OPM Artists/Band residing here in the US, like INTRoVOYS, Perf De Castro, HBOM, Geneva Cruz and much much more. But most importantly, Bayan Promotions would like to spread Original Pilipino Music around the globe to our OFW's. To make them feel like being back home, Bayan Promotions bring to them what they are missing from the Philippines.

Bayan Promotions artists/bands such as INTRoVOYS, Perf De Castro, RockStallion, Pinoy Rock Revue, Geneva Cruz, Rivermaya, Wency Cornejo, Lei Bautista, Cookie Chua, Dong Abay and much much more.

Pop, Rock & Hiphop a Thanksgiving Dinner Concert 11032018

Pop, Rock & Hiphop a Thanksgiving Dinner Concert 11032018