SEXBOMB GIRLS.... arriving in the Bay Area 

The SexBomb Girls (also known as SexBomb Dancers and now SB NewGen) is an all-female celebrity sing and dance group in the Philippines. From mere background dancers, they evolved into multimedia stars, with successful careers in singing, acting, and dancing. The SexBomb Girls is hailed as "The Best-Selling Philippine Female Group of All Time" (followed by Aegis). 

They are well known for their chant, "Get, get aww!" They were once mainstay dancers for Eat Bulaga!, the longest noontime variety show in the Philippines. The group can be seen weekly at Zero Point Malate every Tuesday night, Mosibaba Food Park every Wednesday night, at their weekend shows at Zirkoh Bar Tomas Morato and Klownz Comedy Bar, Banana Split (renamed as Banana Sundae), Umagang Kay Ganda 

The SexBomb Dancers were originally composed of four dancers upon their formation in November 1999 (Rochelle, Che-che, Debra and Janine) under the name Salaguinto Dancers as the background dancers of Eat Bulaga!. The name "Sex Bomb" came from the 1999 hit song of Tom Jones. Of the four, only Rochelle remained (thus landing her the role and title as the group leader) until the group expanded during the SexBomb dance searches in 2000–2001, reaching an all-time high of 22 members. In 2002, the SexBomb Singers were formed, and were billed as "SexBomb Girls" in their shows and promotional materials. Their first studio album, Unang Putok included the hit songs "Bakit Papa?" ("Why Father?"), "Crush Kita", "Pretty Little Baby", "Di Ko Na Mapipigilan" ("I Can No Longer Stop") and "Tulog Na Baby" ("Sleep Now Baby"). In 2003, they released their sophomore album entitled Round 2 which featured the hit song "Spageti Song" featuring Joey de Leon. In 2004, the SexBomb Girls released their third album entitled Bomb Thr3at featuring the hit song "Halukay Ube". The SexBomb Dancers did shows and danced to songs from their dance albums, Sexiest Hits (2002), Sexiest Hits 2 (2003) and Sexiest Hits 3 (2004). The SexBomb Singers and Dancers were then collectively referred to as The SexBomb Girls. The SexBomb Girls were managed by Joy Cancio, of Focus E Incorporated. Cancio was a former member of the Vicor Dancers of the 1980s. 

The group's fame continued to permeate with the said album releases, constant national television show guestings, live shows in political campaigns and comedy bars, and their longest drama series on Philippine television, Daisy Siete that ended in July 2010, extending to 26 seasons (a total of 7 years). Upon the group's dismissal from their house show Eat Bulaga! in 2011, the SexBomb Girls welcomed a freelance television contract (appeared in GMA, ABS-CBN and TV5) while maintaining outside shows. In December 2013, the strains of the original members of the dance group went their separate ways into having their own families, solo artistries, continued educations, and entrepreneurships. 

The SexBomb Girls are currently under J Entertainment (beginning January 2014) on a continued freelance state as managed by Jara Cancio, the daughter of Joy Cancio, and Aira Bermudez (original SexBomb Dancer). Currently, the group is known as SexBomb NewGen or SB NewGen to represent the new generation of the SexBomb Girls, producing all-female talents with expertise in dance genres such as hip-hop, contemporary and urban, as well as in singing, slowly deviating from the original group's main focus on novelty and jazz. Currently guesting in a series of television shows, comedy bars and mall tours, SB NewGen also continues their fast rising explosion through their viral dance videos that reached international databases in Facebook and YouTube. 

As of August 4, 2017, it was announced that SB NewGen would be co-managed in unison by J Entertainment and Viva Artists Agency.

Watch the SexBomb Girls together with Rochelle Pangilinan, Randy Santiago & the Comedy Queen Ai Ai De Las Alas, HATAWANAN, Sun March 29, 2020 at the HISTORIC BAL THEATRE.




STRANDEDS SKIES, alternative Rock quartet 

Stranded Skies, was formed around the summer of 2017 after fronting from a famous Pinoy Artist. The founding members decided to persue writing original songs and gigging across California with a desire to mix heavier genre and melodic pop songs, anything goes with the groups creative thinking.

Watch Stranded Skies perform at the upcoming HARANA sa mga BATANGUENO, a concert for victims of Taal volcano, Saturday March 21, 2020 5PM at the El Camino High School in So. San Francisco.  Tickets $25, all proceeds will got to victims of Taal volcano through Live2 GiveU Foundation.

*** INTRoVOYS will not be able to perform due to Family Matters, one of it bandmate need to attend.



Taal Volcano unrest 



Activity in the Main Crater in the past 24 hours has been characterized by weak emission of steam-laden plumes rising 50-100 meters high before drifting northeast. The Taal Volcano Network recorded thirty-one (31) volcanic earthquakes that are associated with rock fracturing processes beneath and around the edifice. 

Alert Level 2 is maintained over Taal Volcano. DOST-PHIVOLCS reminds the public that at Alert Level 2, sudden steam-driven or phreatic explosions, volcanic earthquakes, ashfall and lethal accumulations or expulsions of volcanic gas can occur and threaten areas within Taal Volcano Island (TVI) and along its coast. DOST-PHIVOLCS recommends that entry into TVI, Taal’s Permanent Danger Zone, must be strictly prohibited. Local government units are advised to additionally assess previously evacuated areas within the seven-kilometer radius for damages and road accessibilities and to strengthen preparedness, contingency and communication measures in case of renewed unrest. People are also advised to observe precautions due to ground displacement across fissures, frequent ashfall, and minor earthquakes. Communities beside active river channels particularly where ash from the main eruption phase has been thickly deposited should increase vigilance when there is heavy and prolonged rainfall since the ash can be washed away and form lahars along the channels. Civil aviation authorities must advise pilots to avoid flying close to the volcano as airborne ash and ballistic fragments from sudden explosions and wind-remobilized ash may pose hazards to aircraft. DOST-PHIVOLCS is closely monitoring Taal Volcano’s activity and any new significant development will be immediately communicated to all stakeholders. 



As of today, many of our kababayans are trying to get back on their feet, please #HelpUsHelpBatangas as we Filipino Overseas unite for a one night of music.. HARANA sa mga BATANGUENO, a concert for victims of Taal volcano, featuring Bay Area's Finest local bands, rapper, and singers. On Saturday March 21, 2020 5pm at the El Camino High School in South San Francisco, Ca. Tickets $25, all proceeds will go to victims fo Taal volcano through Live2GiveU Foundations.

 **** INTRoVOYS will not be able to perform due to a family matters, one of their bandmates needed to address.



 **** INTRoVOYS will not be able to perform due to a family matters, one of their bandmates needed to address.

Erald Louis... a student of Google and Youtube, now a HipHop song writer 



Erald Louis - The love for music has been and will always be part of Eralds' entirety as a human who loves to listen to different kinds of music. Erald started writing songs (mainly HipHop) on December 16, 2017 and he would have never thought that he would be performing his own music in front of anyone. Erald has no idea what he was doing back then and so he became a student of Google and YouTube Tutorials. Erald would  search and learn everything on how he can perform and produce his own music starting from "How to record songs" to "What are the tools needed".

Erald still and always consider himself as a student and learner of this amazing thing called "Music" which he also believe as a universal language that ultimately unites us for a greater cause. As Erald believes "Unity is Strength", now he is one of the performers in a Charitable Concert for the Victims of Taal Volcano entitled "HARANA sa mga BATANGUENO", a concer for victims of Taal Volcano... on Sat March 21, 2020 5pm at the EL CAMINO HIGH SCHOOL in So. San Francisco, California.. All proceeds will go to victims of Taal Volcano through Live2 GiveU Foundation.




FleerBox... a Filipino American Band from San Francisco,CA. 

FLEERBOX, an independent Filipino American band from San Francisco, Califronia, their music aims to tickle the Filipino American fancy. But most of the time, people of different age and race also appreciate their music and find their songs catchy and captivating. Fleerbox has performed in a number of Bay Area clubs like Paradise Lounge, Bindlestiff Studios, Quarter Note, The Edge Club and Cactus Club to name a few.

Watch them live, as they help raise funds for the victims of Taal Volcano... HARANA sa mga BATANGUENO, a concert for victims of Taal Volcano. A benefit show for our kababayans that were victims of the eruption of Taal Volcano.

HARANA sa mga BATANGUENO, a concert for the victims of Taal Volcano. Saturday March 21, 2020 5pm at the El Camino High School in San Mateo, Ca.

Tickes are only $25... proceeds will go to victims of Taal Volcano through Live2 GiveU Foundation.


Sexbomb.... Rochelle Pangilinan 

Rochelle Pangilinan, is a Filipina dancer, actress and recording artist. She was one of the founding members of the popular group SexBomb Girls. In 2007, she repackaged herself as a short-term rap and hip-hop artist under the name RoC.

Rochelle entered dancing contests at a young age, and at age 14 was offered a job at Eat Bulaga!, a popular daytime variety show. She was only 14 when she first appeared on Eat Bulaga!. A group of dancers including Rochelle were formed in November 1999 as the Chicken Sandwich Dancers, an offshoot of the Danz Focus (the resident dancers of Eat Bulaga!). At first, there were four (Cheryl, Debra, Janine and Rochelle). The group expanded to six with the addition of Jopay and Aira, then eventually expanded to 8, 12 and then 13 (during their first FHM Philippines appearance) to an all-time high of 22. In 2000, the Tom Jones song, "Sexbomb", was a hit in the Philippines, and the group was named the SexBomb Dancers by their manager, Joy Cancio.

Catch Rochelle Pangilinan and Sunshine Garcia with the Original SexBomb (Aira, Eifa, Cynthia, Johlan, & Mia) together with Mr. Private Eyes, Randy Santiago and Ai Ai De Las Alas, for a show entitled "HATAWANAN", combination of singing, comedy and dancing, On March 29, 2020 Sunday at the Historic Bal Theatre


For Tickets Click Below

Under State of Calamity Due to Taal Volcano Eruption 

President Rodrigo Duterte has declared  yesterday (Feb 27, 2020) a state of calamity in Calabarzon due to the effects of the eruption of Taal Volcano in January. 

The state of calamity covers the provinces of Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal and Quezon and will last for one year unless sooner lifted, according to Proclamation 906, signed by Duterte on February 21. 

Duterte said the declaration will hasten rescue, relief and rehabilitation efforts of the government and the private sector, including any international humanitarian assistance, as well as control the prices of basic goods and commodities in the affected areas. 

He directed all departments and concerned agencies to coordinate with and augment the basic facilities and services of affected localities. 

Law enforcement agencies, with the support of the military, were also directed to undertake necessary measures to ensure peace and order in affected areas.


Please help us help victims of Taal Volcano...  as we gathered Top Bay Area Local Bands like Monumental by Far, Beyond Daydream, FleerBox and Stranded Skies, Top Local Rappers like Erald Luis and Rhyme & Peace  and Top Local Artists like Alyssa Donaire, Andre Fangonilo, Mercy Madlaing, Gavin Heraldo, Yzabel Cabral, Jasmine, Zeyonce and Hya to perform and help raise funds.  We have also invited The Number One OPM Band In North America... INTRoVOYS together with Robin Nievera.... Come and join us for a night of music... HARANA sa mga BATANGUENO, Saturday March 21, 2020 5PM at the El Camino High School in San Mateo, California... All proceeds will go to victims of Taal Volcano through Live2 GiveU Foundation.




Fun and Laughters with Ms. Ai Ai De Las Alas 

           Ai Ai De Las Alas, is a Filipina film and television actress. She started her career on GMA Network back in 1991, as a host of Saturday late night musical variety show RSVP, with Dawn Zulueta and Ariel Urieta. Ai Ai De Las Alas co-hosted GMA noontime show "Lunch Date" with Randy Santiago, SST: Salo Salo Together and Eat Bulaga. 

           She first gained nationwide recognition for her film Ang Tanging Ina (2003), which became a blockbuster hit. It was followed by more comedy films like VOLTA where she played a superhero. In the noon-time television show MTB: Ang Saya Saya, she was one of the lead hosts. 

            Watch The Comedy Queen, Ai Ai De Las Alas live! at the Historic Bal Theathre in San Leandro, California, together with Mr. Private Eyes himself, Randy Santiago and Sexbombs own Rochelle Panglinan and the Original Sexbomb Dancers (Sunshine, Aifa, Eira, Cynthia, Johlan and Mia). 



Randy Santiago... comes to the Bay Area! 

                      Randy Santiago,  is a Filipino comedian, actor, singer, director, producer and television host. He is the son of the late director Pablo Santiago and the brother of director Rowell Santiago and actor Raymart Santiago. Santiago started his career by joining the Cicada Band Touring club circuits in Manila, Singapore, and Malaysia during the early 1980's. His musical talents brought him to the showbiz industry after he goes solo in 1986. 

                      The 56 years old actor earned his popularity after releasing his first single and started to act on some movie projects. His signature glasses is one of his trademarks as an artist, "Mr. Private Eyes".

                      Don't miss Mr. Private Eyes, Randy Santiago live at the Historic Bal Theatre as he is joined by the Comedy Queen Ms. Ai Ai De Las Alas, and Rochelle Panginiban and the orignal Sexbomb Dancers. HATAWANAN! Let's go!

Hatawanan, Sun March 29, 2020 at the Historic Bal Theatre 6pm, Assigned seating Tickets $88 VIP $68  

For Details & Sponsorship Call (925)812-4249


                                                      FOR TICKETS CLICK HERE



ROBIN NIEVERA Live! this Sunday at the Pittsburg Creative Arts Building 

Robin Nievera is a singer/songwriter, composer, & musical producer hailing from Manila, Philippines. At the tender age of 12, a young Robin started honing his craft; he learned to play the guitar and started to write music. When listening to Robin one can tell he plays heavy homage to his influences. His riffs, melodies, and lyrics are peppered with inspiration from Incubus, Dave Mathews Band, John Mayer and Bon Iver.


In 2012, under PolyEast Records, Robin released his debut album entitled "Overwait". 

From his debut album, Overwait, Robin released 2 singles. "In 3's", was released in April, and the music video hit the “top 20 MYX Philippines Countdown” for 9 consecutive weeks. The 2nd single "Smile" is currently on the "Magic 89.9 top 30" charts. 

Robin and his band opened for Hanson's "Shout it Out" world tour early 2012. Their next big show came in September of 2012, when Robin and his band performed at the "Bazooka Rocks" Festival. The festival featured some of the biggest pop/punk bands today such as Mayday Parade, Marianas Trench, The Pretty Reckless. 

In late September Robin won "Best New Male Artist" at the prestigious 2012 Star Awards. 

Robin also produced Martin Nievera and Pops Fernandez's 2012 duet album, "No More Words", for their US/Canadian tour. His song "Smile" was included in the album, and is also featured in Regine Velasquez's album - "Fantasy" .


Don't miss ROBIN NIEVERA at the upcoming Martin Nievera and Pops Fernandez "Two-Gether Again" Holiday Special.

Sun. Dec 15,2019 at the Pittsburg Creative Arts Building in Pittsburg, California.