RockStallion... captured the hearts of fans and patrons in Los Angeles and Orange Counties 

RockStallion is a high energy, rock band in Los Angeles, CA, cranking out ROCK hits from Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple to AC/DC, Van Halen and Guns N’ Roses! 

RockStallion’s  sound is anchored around virtuoso guitarist and DiMarzio artist Perfecto De Castro’s expansive guitar style that encompasses both soulful and Bluesy classic rock and modern flashy, face-melting shred. Matching the guitar fireworks is frontman Raffy Mendoza’s soaring vocals that’s reminiscent of a grittier Steve Perry with a shot of Bon Scott. Laying the foundation for all the guitar and vocal pyrotechnics are Marc Yap’s grinding bass grooves and the thundering drums of John Medina. 

RockStallion has captured the hearts of fans and patrons in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, each one surrendering to the relentless Rock N’Roll onslaught of every RockStallion show. The band has performed in world famous venues such as the Whisky A Go Go, The Pasadena Rose, The Rock Yard at Fantasy Springs Casino and the CityWalk at Universal Studios Hollywood. RockStallion also holds residencies in some of the most popular hotspots in beach cities Long Beach, Newport Beach, Seal Beach and Huntington Beach.



RazorBack.... Filipino Hard Rock Band 

Razorback is a Filipino hard rock band formed in 1990. Originally known for being regulars at the now-defunct Kalye, a club in Makati, the band has performed at full-scale concerts and opened for Silverchair, Rage Against the Machine and Metallica.

Razorback first began performing covers of bands such as Led Zeppelin, Juan de la Cruz Band, Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden. The group was put together by drummer Miguel Ortigas and guitarists Tirso Ripoll and David Aguirre. 


In 1982, Miguel Ortigas met Tirso Ripoll through Ripoll's cousin in LSGH. Ortigas first handled guitars then later moved on to drums. Ortigas also studied in Yamaha School of Music, under Benjie Zialcita, who also taught Tirso Ripoll, Louie Talan and David Aguirre. It was in 1988, when they would usually watch their idols Pepe Smith, Sampaguita, Billy Bonnevie, Edmund Fortuno, and many others, in Electra Bar, Makati, where they decided to create something better.

Members of Razorback and Wolfgang used to jam onstage billed as the 'Flaming Hemorrhoids. Five years later, the band, original vocalist Jose Mari Cuervo was replaced by Kevin Roy on vocals, alongside Ripoll and Aguirre on guitars, Ortigas on drums and Louie Talan on bass, released their debut album entitled Hebigat Sounds Volume One. ('Hebigat' is a portmanteau, created by fusing the words 'Hebi', a play on the English word 'heavy', and the Filipino word 'bigat', literally, 'heavy'.) The album contained such tracks as "Giyang", "Tabi ng Bulkan" ("Beside the Volcano") and "Pepe D' Hepe".

David Aguirre is now the lead guitarist for the Southern California-based band Pinoy Rock Revue. Manuel Legarda, also of Wolfgang, has taken over his guitar duties for Razorback. Brian Velasco, who was a drum instructor at RJ Guitar Center, later joined and replaced Miguel Ortigas on drums.


Don't miss to watch David Aguirre perform with the Southern California Based band PINOY ROCK REVUE..

May 25 - Manila Kusina Grill (Mission Viejo, CA)

Aug 3 - SF Filipino Cultural Center (San Francisco, CA)





Odette Quesada... song writer 

Odette Quesada first gained fame when she won second place at the 1982 Metro Manila Pop Music Festival with the song “Give Me a Chance” as performed by Ric Segreto. The following year, 1983, saw her snagging first place with “Til I Met You” which was performed by the Philippines’ premier Diva at the time, Ms. Kuh Ledesma. 

The rest of the 80s was filled with her music - most sang by the era‘s superstars. “Don‘t Know What To Do, Don‘t Know What To Say” was, and by reasons of validity, still is, a monster hit performed by the late Ric Segreto. “I Need You Back” and “Farewell” were back to back hits for then teen star Raymond Lauchengco, who appeared in the movie “Bagets” which had for its theme song another of Odette’s hit songs - “Growing Up”, as performed by Gary Valenciano. “To Love Again” was a theme song sung by Sharon Cuneta for her movie of the same title. And while Odette started out as a songwriter for other artists, it didn’t take long for her to embark on her own career as a singer with much success. Songs like “Friend of Mine”, “You’re My Home”, “Dito Lang” and “Wala Nang Nasa Isip” were hits that featured the songwriter’s unique voice and singing style. But her career was not limited to the obviously popular sector of the arts.



 Odette is also a very successful jingle writer - writing corporate jingles and scores for products like Magnolia Chocolait, McDonalds, Tide Detergent and Johnson’s baby products, to name a few. Which means that when people weren’t listening to Odette, they were still listening to Odette.


Watch her perform with David Pomeranz at their concert entitled "Songs From The Heart", on July 6, 2019 at the Performing Arts Center at the El Cerrito High School. Get your ticket now! For Tickets Click below




David Pomeranz... Singer, Composer and Lyricist 

David Pomeranz, is an American singer, composer, lyricist, and writer for musical theatre. He is also known as ambassador for Operation Smile. Born and raised on Long Island, Pomeranz expressed interest in music from an early age, singing in the synagogue choir, learning to play the piano, guitar and drums, and writing and recording songs by the age of fourteen


Pomeranz's songs include "Tryin' to Get the Feeling Again" and "The Old Songs", both recorded by Barry Manilow; and "It's in Every One of Us", which was featured in the TV specials John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together and A Muppet Family Christmas, the Dave Clark musical Time, the film Big, and at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, Korea. His work has been performed by artists as diverse as Bette Midler, Phoebe Snow, Freddie Mercury, Richie Sambora, Missy Elliott, The Carpenters, Harry Belafonte, Andrea Marcovicci, Donna Summer, Lillias White, The Hollies and Cliff Richard, and his various songwriting projects have amassed a total of twenty-two platinum and eighteen gold albums.


Watch David Pomeranz & Odette Quesada live at The Performing Arts Center at El Cerrito High School on July 6, 2019 7PM



Teeth... Alternative Rock & Grunge 

TEETH, Pinoy rock band formed in 1993, The band is currently composed of Glenn Jacinto on Vocals, Jerome Velasco on guitars, Pedz Varvaja on Bass, Mike DIzon on drums abd Dok Sergio on guitars. Their music style is a mix of Alternative rck and grunge, The band is well known for the hits, "LAKLAK", "PRINCESA", and "SHOOTING STAR".



On May 15, 2014, the band reunited after 10 years of hiatus. For the first time, the band brought back Pedz Narvaja as bassist while Dok Sergio switched to guitars, thus making a five-piece line up. They performed a reunion concert at Metro Tent in Pasig City. They later went on to perform several reunion shows in 2015. As of 2016, the band continued their other ventures as Jacinto and Narvaja are currently based in the United States, while Sergio and Velasco performs with Pupil and Dizon still plays drums with Sandwich and Pedicab.


Don't miss Glenn Jacinto as he joins PINOY ROCK REVUE on Saturday May 25, 2019 7PM in Mission Viejo, CA at the Manila Kusina Grill. As they pay tribute to PINOY ROCK legend like Mike Hanopol, Pepe Smith Sampaguita and much much more.




Raffy Mendoza... RockStallion lead vocal 

Raffy Mendoza is a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter from Iloilo City, Philippines. After moving to Los Angeles in 1992, he has been playing in various events and local clubs with Filipino-American bands. Raffy is the ‘hired gun’ for great Filipino artists like Piolo Pascaul and Bamboo. He is the current keyboardist and backup vocalist for Arnel Pineda’s solo tour in the U.S. and Canada. Raffy is a founding member of the L.A. based classic rock cover band RockStallion. Playing his role as the lead singer and keyboardist of the band, RockStallion makes a ‘rock buzz’ every weekend in  the beach clubs and bars of L.A.


Glenn Jacinto... Pinoy 90's Alternative Band TEETH 

                 GLENN JACINTO is a Filipino musician/songwriter, currently based in Los Angeles, California.He is widely known as the frontman of the pinoy 90s rock alternative band, Teeth, popularly known for the hits "Laklak", "Prinsesa", "Tampo", "Shooting Star", and much much more 

                   Glenn moved to the US in 2000, there he found the thriving Filipino-American rock music scene called "Lokal Pinoy".  Glenn continued his musical career in the US and created his own name outside his band Teeth.  Glenn is now juggling both Teeth and his solo project and is set to release a solo debut album soon, both in the Philippines and in the US.


                  Don't miss Glenn Jacinto as he performs with PINOY ROCK REVUE in Mission Viejo and San Francisco.  Pinoy Rock Revue consist of former and current band members like Perf de Castro (Rivermaya/RockStallion), Marc Yap (RockStallion), Raffy Mendoza (RockStallion), David Aguirre (Razorback) and Paco Arespacochaga (INTRoVOYS).



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Paco Arespacochaga  

Enrico "Paco" Arespacochaga, is a musician and songwriter. He is the drummer of the Filipino pop-rock band and the number one OPM Band in North America Introvoys. Aside from receiving numerous Gold and Multi-Platinum awards, he also received the Guillermo Mendoza Award. Since 1995, he has been a Zildjian endorser. Arespacochaga was one of the founding members of Introvoys along with 3rd-G Cristobal and Jonathan.

He moved to the United States in 2001 to pursue better opportunities for himself and his family. But this did not stop him from pursuing his music so in the summer of 2005, after years of encouraging the rest of his band mates to migrate to the United States, he was finally reunited with INTRoVOYS. He is based in Los Angeles CA. His music is edgy, sometimes alternative yet all based on a POP genre. As a drummer, Paco Arespacochaga is busy touring with INTRoVOYS and other artists.


Currently aside from touring with INTRoVOYS, he also performs with PINOY ROCK REVUE which consist of  Perf De Castro (Rivermaya/RockStallion), Rean Mendoza (RockStallion), David Aguirre (RazorBack), Marc Yap (RockStallion), Basti Artardi (WolfGang) and Glenn Jacinto (Teeth). They are the new breed of Pinoy Rock here in the US.Pinoy Rock Revue, consist of former and current band members Rivermaya, RockStallion, RazorBack, Teeth & INTRoVOYS

PINOY ROCK REVUE will be performing at the following date, venues & cities







DAVID AGUIRRE, Razorback's former guitarist 

Picture by: Lou Angeles


                          David Aguirre remembers being drawn to rock n’ roll at a very young age. “It seemed like nothing quite gave me that same rush. My mind, body and spirit seemed to respond to this sound like nothing else at that point in life,” he says. “I always like to say that I pretty much existed in black and white until I heard Elvis Presley for the first time and only then did life start having color. I was also very lucky to have a mother with great musical tastes, who introduced me to everything from 50’s DooWop and early rock n’ roll to classic ‘60s, ‘70s psychedelic rock.”

                          According to Aguirre, it was Jimmy Page that made him want to play guitar. “He’ll always be my main hero. However, in the early days of the band, we shared ‘residency’ with Cocojam at the legendary Kalye bar for almost 5 solid years, giving us the opportunity to watch, experience, and learn from such seasoned Pinoy rock greats like Edmond Fortuno, Rico Velez, Rolly Maligad, and most importantly, blues shredder Jun Lopito, who is pretty much my all-time hometown hero, right up there with Page. I must’ve learned more from just watching Jun play than from anywhere else,” says Aguirre. “Juan De La Cruz also made a huge im­pact on us as a band. Pepe, Wally and Mike are defi­nitely to thank for our deep passion in Pinoy rock,” adds Aguirre.

                         Today, David Aguirre is living the quiet life in the United States. He moved to California in 2004, and currently resides in Orange County with his lovely wife and kids. He may not be as visible around these parts unlike during his heydays with Razorback but David Aguirre's rock and roll journey is far from over. He is recently with the band  named PINOY ROCK REVUE which was formed by former Rivemaya and current RockStallion guitarist Perfecto de Castro.  PINOY ROCK REVUE consist of former and current band members from Rivermaya, RockStallion, RazorBack, and INTRoVOYS.

Watch David Aguirre perform live with PINOY ROCK REVUE on May 25, 2019 at Manila Kusina Grill in Mission Viejo, CA, and Aug 3, 2019 at the Filipino Cultural Center in San Francisco, CA. For details and tickets visit








Perfecto "Perf" de Castro is a multi-awarded Filipino musician, currently focusing on Classical and Flamenco music played on the Ten-string guitar but perhaps best known for having been a celebrated fixture in the Philippine alternative rock scene during the 1990s. During the course of that decade, he was one of the original members of the alternative rock band Rivermaya, founded the band Triaxis, and also collaborated with the seminal Filipino rapper Francis Magalona and Filipino hard rock band Wolfgang.

His most notable awards as a musician include the 1998 Katha Award for Best Rock Instrumental Performance and Composition and the 1998 NU Rock Award for Guitarist of the Year. He is also widely recognized as a talented album producer and sound engineer, with his work including the multi-platinum albums of Wolfgang (“Semenelin”) Francis M (FreeMan and FreeMan II) and Marc Velasco (eponymous). For this he received numerous accolades, including the Producer of the Year Award in the 1998 NU 107 Rock Awards and the 2001 Awit Award for Best Rap Recording for a song done in collaboration with Magalona. 

De Castro started learning classical guitar at 13 but switched to electric guitar after less than a year, and spent the next decade learning, playing and teaching electric guitar. He was introduced to the ten-string classical guitar by Jose Valdez in 1998, and has since then concentrated on this instrument. He uses a unique tuning adapted from the Valdez tuning. 

In 2004, de Castro relocated to Los Angeles, CA where he continues to record, perform and teach different guitar. 

On January 9, 2016, he re-united with his former Rivermaya co-members, Nathan Azarcon, Mark Escueta and Rico Blanco for a "secret mini semi-reunion", following his gig at 19 East, Taguig City. 

On September 7, 2018, Perf De Castro performed in the launching of the Hollywood Wish Bus at Universal City Walk with IntroVoys, 90s band, and Robin Nievera, the DJ for Wish 107.5 Roaalldshow.


Perf de Castro created the Band PINOY ROCK REVUE, which consist of former and current band members from RockStallion, Wolfgang, Teeth and INTRoVOYS.  Watch them perform on May 25,2019 at Manila Kusina Grill 7:00PM | Tickets $40 includes a FREE drink. For ticker visit