Teeth... Alternative Rock & Grunge

TEETH, Pinoy rock band formed in 1993, The band is currently composed of Glenn Jacinto on Vocals, Jerome Velasco on guitars, Pedz Varvaja on Bass, Mike DIzon on drums abd Dok Sergio on guitars. Their music style is a mix of Alternative rck and grunge, The band is well known for the hits, "LAKLAK", "PRINCESA", and "SHOOTING STAR".



On May 15, 2014, the band reunited after 10 years of hiatus. For the first time, the band brought back Pedz Narvaja as bassist while Dok Sergio switched to guitars, thus making a five-piece line up. They performed a reunion concert at Metro Tent in Pasig City. They later went on to perform several reunion shows in 2015. As of 2016, the band continued their other ventures as Jacinto and Narvaja are currently based in the United States, while Sergio and Velasco performs with Pupil and Dizon still plays drums with Sandwich and Pedicab.


Don't miss Glenn Jacinto as he joins PINOY ROCK REVUE on Saturday May 25, 2019 7PM in Mission Viejo, CA at the Manila Kusina Grill. As they pay tribute to PINOY ROCK legend like Mike Hanopol, Pepe Smith Sampaguita and much much more.




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